Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club

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The Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club, also known as Sin City Nation, is a mixed race one-percenter outlaw motorcycle club. As one of the most well-known and oldest black outlaw motorcycle clubs in the United States, they have multiple chapters across the nation and have an additional presence in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Additionally, the organization has many support clubs in across the U.S. in select states.


The Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club was founded in Gary, Indiana in 1966. Only later did the club establish a chapter in Las Vegas, commonly known as "Sin City". Members of the group have described the organization as a "one percenter" club.

Though mostly composed of Mixed race members, the club affirms that it is, in fact, open to men of all races and ethnicities.

The Sin City Deciples have chapters in the following American states: Alabama, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Nevada, Georgia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, California and Utah.

The popular motto, "death before dishonor", is utilized by the group as well as the phrase "Deciples Forever, Forever Deciples" – abbreviated as DFFD. Additionally, the Sin City Deciples make use of the term "1934 Express" used to signify the numerical initials of the group (19th letter of the alphabet = S, 3rd letter of the alphabet = C, and 4th letter of the alphabet = D). Members of the Motorcycle Club refer to each of their clubhouses as "Sity Hall".

The club is reportedly allied with the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club and the Crips street gang. Some of the group's support clubs include the Saddle Bastards Motorcycle Club, Chauns Motorcycle Club, and the Sin City Titans. The Sin City Deciples are rivals with the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club.

Criminal allegations and incidents

The revenue of the Sin City Deciples reportedly comes from the sale of illicit drugs and they are regarded as a criminal organization by law enforcement.

The earliest documented instance of the group's run-in with the law dates back to July of 1968 when a pair of Sin City Deciples members were arrested and charged with raping a Caucasian woman in Gary, Indiana. The arrests subsequently sparked racial tensions and resulted in local riots that led to lootings. In response, curfew laws were put into effect and hundreds of police in addition to 550 members of the National Guard were deployed with the intent of suppressing the conflict. The riots went on for days and ended with the arrest of 123 African-Americans who were charge with resisting arrest. An additional 47 individuals were charged with curfew violations.

In January 11th of 2009, a Sin City Deciples member by the name of Charlie Joe “Coyote” Wilson, Jr. gunned down 33-year-old Charles Edward “Big Charlie” Bevelle Jr. in an execution-style shooting. The murder, which took place on an interstate road in Birmingham, Alabama, stemmed from a gang conflict as Bevelle had been the president of a rival biker gang to the Sin City Deciples, Sho' Nuff.

Three Sin City Deciples were stopped by authorities while they were riding in a car en route to the Annual Bikers Roundup in Hampton, Georgia on August 6, 2006. The vehicle was searched where drugs and weapons were uncovered. The driver, Ernest Jackson, is arrested for speeding and theft while passenger Melvin Bartcher is charged with drug possession and theft. The third passenger, Vernon Rogers, is also charged with theft and receives harsher theft charges on account of being a convicted felon.

Following an FBI investigation, four members of the belonging to the Cleveland, Ohio chapter of the Sin City Deciples are indicted on check fraud charges: Vincent “Gutta” Butler, George “Geo” Hannet, Darnell “Lyfe” Milton and Deonte “Smoke” Sullins. The individuals had allegedly purchased 25 vehicles and two stereo systems with phony checks from sellers on various online marketplaces such as Craigslist. After buying many of the automobiles, they were resold and/or stripped down for parts. Some of these vehicles were found at the group's old clubhouse in Cleveland.

On June 7th of 2011, an unidentified biker is spotted throwing a flammable item through the window of the group's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania clubhouse before departing from the scene in a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

An individual named Virgil Means attended a party at the Sin City Deciples Colorado Springs chapter clubhouse on March 2nd of the year 2011. He ends up being beaten and forcibly thrown out of the premises after a brawl erupts on the compound. He later returns by car with a friend to collect his wallet but is attacked by three Sin City Deciples: Christopher Mountjoy, John Burrell and Eric Bartholomew. He later dies in the hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound. Five individuals are arrested for their involvement in the homicide.

The Sin City Deciples clubhouse in Pittsburg is torched yet again on June 26 of 2012.

In Dayton, Ohio, an unidentified member of the Sin City Deciples in Cincinnati attacks a member of the Toro’s Motorcycle Club on March 10th of the year 2013. According to the victim, Dylon Lauderdale, he had run into a group of Sin City Deciples and both parties exchanged words until one of the bikers uses a machete on him. The assault yields significant bleeding and a fractured skull for Lauderdale, requiring multiple stitches. The assailant remains unidentified.

A road rage conflict occurs between a car driver and an intoxicated Sin City Deciples member James L. Norman in August 18th of 2014 on Highway 41 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After believing that the car had cut him off, Norman sped up to the vehicle's side and fired a gunshot through the front window. He was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with attempted homicide, possession of a firearm by a felon and drunken driving. The victim only sustained minor injuries.

October 2021 In Gary Indiana 15 members of Sin City were charged with a superseding indictment for Racketeering and conspiracy. The charges allege violence, drug dealing and even murder for hire. The bust involved many agencies across Northwest Indiana, Chicago and Pittsburg, PA

In the media

The Sin City Deciples are the subject of a 2019 documentary on Amazon Prime Video entitled Sin City Deciples. They are also featured on another Amazon Prime Video documentary by the name of Ride Free or Die, also released in 2019. The Los Angeles chapter of Sin City Deciples was featured in the 2006 film Crank.