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Satudarah MC is a one-percenter outlaw motorcycle club that has spread the globe since being founded in the Netherlands town of Moordrecht in 1990.

It differs from most other outlaw motorcycle clubs in the fact that it welcomes all races into its club, owing to its historical creation by a group of Moluccans and Dutch friends. Satu darah in Indonesian and Malay means "one blood".

Criminal activities

Members of Satudarah MC are frequently brought into connection with drug trafficking, murder, extortion and weapon trafficking.

Conflict with the Angels

February, 2014. Between the 22nd and 23rd of February, 2014, members from the club were in a fight with the rival club, the Hells Angels MC. The fight first started at a sports bar named “Lions and Barrels” and then continued in a nearby park, followed by a parking lot. One of the Satudarah Motorcycle Club members and two Hells Angels MC members were injured in the fight with stab wounds. There were also reports of gun fire, however no gun shot wounds were mentioned in the reports. The was noted to be one of the first main fights between the club and rival clubs in the country. A total of 28 people were arrested as a result of the fight.

Less than a week after this fight occurred it was reported that the club held a meeting with Hells Angels MC.

Global distribution

Satudarah MC has 44 chapters throughout the Netherlands and has opened in Belgium, France, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Morocco, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, Curacao, Suriname, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and Turkey.


The national president of Satudarah, who is based in Melbourne, said in 2018 that chapters had been established in all Australian states, as well as a club in Canberra that had recently been patched over. The Sydney chapter had been shut down several years previously. In 2019, splinter groups in Western Australia were said to be bashing each other's members.


In the Netherlands, Satudarah MC is considered extremely violent and ruthless, more so than the Hells Angels. On 18 June 2018, the Dutch justice system announced a complete ban on the motorcycle club. The Court sentenced an immediate civil ban of all chapters and related clubs. The ethnic makeup of the club includes Dutch, Ambonese, Surinamese and others.