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The Rock Machine, or Rock Machine Motorcycle Club (RMMC), is an International outlaw motorcycle club founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1986. It has nineteen Canadian chapters, eight US chapters and eleven chapters in Australia, with chapters also located in 23 other countries worldwide. It was formed in 1986 by Salvatore Cazzetta and his brother Giovanni Cazzetta, Salvatore was a former friend of Hells Angels Quebec chapter president Maurice Boucher, the Rock Machine competed with the Hells Angels for the street-level narcotics trade in Montreal. The Quebec Biker war saw the Rock Machine form an alliance with a number of other organizations to face the Angels. The conflict occurred between 1994 and 2002 and resulted in over 160 deaths and over 300 injured, an additional 100+ have been imprisoned.

The Rock Machine became a probationary chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in December 1999, after being an official "hangaround" club for eighteen months, Bandidos national officer Edward Winterhalder was put in charge of overseeing the transition by Bandidos International President George Wegers. The original version of the Rock Machine (1986 to 1999) in Canada changed their colors from black and platinum to red and gold in May 1999; their colors remained red and gold until they became Bandidos on January 6, 2001.

After the few remaining Bandidos members in Canada quit the organization and Bandidos Canada was dissolved, ex-members of the Mongols and the Bandidos (most former Rock Machine) reformed the Rock Machine under the guidance of Sean Brown in 2007, adopting the original black and platinum colors as their patch. As of 2007, the current incarnation of Rock Machine claims to be a club of motorcycle enthusiasts that is not involved in criminal activity, any members of the club that do so act on their own accord and without the consent of the club.

The club's racial policy is all-inclusive and possesses members from several different ethnicities around the world including African Canadian/American's, despite the group's use of the Waffen SS's double lighting bolt on one of their patches, it is mainly to show respect to the clubs historical roots as opposed to the racial meaning of the symbol, due to large amounts of their founding members being apart of the SS Motorcycle Club, it is also worn due to its status in the Motorcycle community. It is seen as an outlaw symbol, as society dictates people should not wear it thus Outlaws usually wear it as a sign of rebellion against societal standards as opposed to racial ideology.

Since 2007, the club has spread across Canada and throughout several other countries worldwide including the United States, Australia, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, France, South Africa, England, Spain, Georgia, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Kuwait, Armenia, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Turkey. As of 2022, the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club has established over 110 chapters on 5 continents since its inception. In the 2010s, the Rock Machine allied themselves with fellow International Canadian Motorcycle Club the Loners Motorcycle Club

Early history

In approximately 1982, Salvatore Cazzetta was a member of the "SS", a white supremacist motorcycle gang based in Pointe-aux-Trembles, on the eastern tip of the Island of Montreal. Fellow SS member Maurice Boucher became friends with Cazzetta and, as leaders of the gang, the pair became candidates to join the Hells Angels when the gang expanded into Canada.

A Lennoxville, Quebec, chapter of the Hells Angels suspected in March 1985 that the Laval chapter was interfering with drug profits through personal use of products intended for sale. It is believed that the Laval chapter's invitation to a Lennoxville chapter party led to the ambush and death of five Laval members. Divers located the decomposing bodies of the victims at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, wrapped in sleeping bags and tied to weightlifting plates, two months after the party. The event became known as the "Lennoxville massacre", and its extreme nature earned the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels a notorious reputation. Cazzetta considered the event an unforgivable breach of the outlaw code and, rather than joining the Hells Angels, in 1986 formed his own smaller gang, the Rock Machine, with his brother Giovanni.

Future Rock Machine leader Fred Faucher later said, "Sal once told me, 'Those guys [Hells Angels], they operate their club in such a way that I didn't want to join them'". Rock Machine members chose not to wear Hells Angels-style leather vests that could easily identify members, and instead wore rings displaying an eagle insignia(this would last until 1997 with the adoption of three-piece vests). The official Rock Machine club motto is "A La Vie A La Mort", or "To the Life Until Death".

Boucher, after finishing a forty-month sentence for armed sexual assault, joined the Hells Angels and was subsequently promoted within the club's ranks. The Hells Angels and Rock Machine co-existed peacefully for many years, a situation that, according to police officials, was due to Boucher's respect for Cazzetta and the latter's connections with the Quebec Mafia, the only organized crime group that the motorcycle gangs were unwilling to attack.

Quebec Biker war

President of the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club, Salvatore Cazzetta was arrested at a pitbull farm located in Fort Erie, Ontario, in 1994 and charged with attempting to import more than eleven tons (22,000lbs) of cocaine valued at an estimated 275 million dollars US (adjusting for inflation the 2021 value is $513,238,697). Recently promoted Hells Angels Montreal President Boucher began to increase pressure on the Rock Machine shortly after the arrest, which initiated the Quebec Biker war. The local Rock Machine Motorcycle Club formed an affiliation, "the Alliance", with Montreal crime families such as the Pelletier Clan, Dark Circle and other independent dealers who wished to resist the Angels' attempts to establish a monopoly on street-level drug trade in the city. A violent turf war ensued with the Hells Angels. The Rock Machine MC, its support clubs and the Pelletier Clan would provide manpower while the Dark Circle would provide the funding. The Dark Circle's leadership was ruled by a committee of five. The chairman was Michel Duclos

Boucher organized "puppet clubs" to persuade Rock Machine-controlled bars and their resident drug dealers to surrender their illegal drug business. This led to the creation of The Palmers MC, a Rock Machine MC support Club created to counter Hells Angels, Rockers MC and Death Riders MC support clubs. Rock Machine resistance led to bloodshed.

The starting point of the conflict is disputed; however on July 13, 1994 3 individuals associated with the Rock Machine entered a business in downtown Montreal. They assassinated Pierre Daoust, a member of a Hells Angel support club, the Death Riders Motorcycle Club. Once it was confirmed they had the right target he was shot 16 times in the head and torso.

There was very little coverage over this incident however many in Montreal's underground knew that The Rock Machine was defending its territory, months before the death of Daoust. The members of the Alliance (Rock Machine MC, Pelletier Clan, The Dark Circle) as well as other individual narcotics dealers and street gangs all met to discuss a united front against the Hells Angels after they gave the narcotics community of Quebec and ultimatum to have them as their mandatory supplier of all contraband goods and narcotics. This offer was refused and the Alliance was formed due to the Hells Angels "monopolistic attitude" they had decided to take the initiative and strike first.

A day after on July 14, 1994 The Rock Machine attempted to assassinate Normand Robitaille another member of A Hells Angels support club the Rockers MC and a future and prominent member of the Hells Angels. The attempt failed and Quebec police announced that they had arrested 5 members of the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club for planning to bomb the Evil Ones MC clubhouse which was also aligned with the Hell's Angels.

With current knowledge of events due to information from Sylvain Boulanger, it is known that on July 15, 1994. The hierarchy of the Hells Angels in Quebec held emergency meetings in the city of Longueuil, Quebec. All four chapters in Quebec at the time were present (Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke). There was also a meeting at Hell's Angels bunker during this period of time all chapters had to cast a vote on whether or not they would participate in the conflict against the Rock Machine and their alliance. All four chapters agreed and the club began to prepare for the long conflict ahead. The Hell's Angels was an international organization received aid from all over the country and internationally, giving them more support then the Rock Machine.

On 19 October 1994. A local drug dealer Maurice Lavoie, who was gunned down in his car; his girlfriend was wounded. Lavoie had previously been buying his wares from the Pelletier Clan associated with the Rock Machine, but had recently switched to the Hells Angels, and as a result the Pelletier Clan hired a hitman named Patrick Call to kill Lavoie.

On 28 October 1994, Sylvain Pelletier, the leader of the Pelletier Clan, was killed by the Hells Angels, who threatened to murder any drug dealer who did not buy their supplies from them. After these killings, an increasingly murderous struggle for the control of the drug trade in Montreal began between the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine that would see 20 dead before the end of 1994.

After Pelletier was killed, the independent drug dealers of Montreal formed the "Alliance to fight the Angels" headed by his younger brother, Harold Pelletier, whose first act was an attempt to assassinate Boucher in November 1994. Another member of the Pelletier Clan, Martin Simard, purchased enough stolen dynamite to fill a truck, which was left near Boucher's favorite restaurant by the Alliance member Martin Pellerin. The plan was to set off the explosives by remote control when Boucher arrived, killing him and everybody else in the restaurant, but a Montreal parking officer noticed the truck was parked illegally and had it towed, thus unknowingly foiling the plot.

On 24 June 1995, Boucher founded the Nomads, an elite chapter of the Angels, that unlike the other chapters, had no geographical limit and were to operate all over Canada. To join the Nomads, applicants were required to commit murders, which ensured that no undercover police agents could enter the Nomads chapter.[citation needed] Additionally, only the highest-quality Angels who had proven themselves could join the Nomads.

On August 13, 1995. A Jeep wired with a remote-controlled bomb exploded that August, killing Hells Angels associate, Marc Dube and an 11-year-old boy, Daniel Desrochers, who was playing in a nearby schoolyard, An Interpol informant claimed that the plan was created and facilitated by Boucher to earn back public credit. The first Full-Patch Hells Angels member was shot to death entering his car at a shopping mall a month later. Nine bombs went off around the province during his funeral targeting several Hells Angels businesses and properties. this series of violence related to Operation Wolverine a police crackdown on both groups in which 130 were arrested.

in October 1995, Harold Pelletier, one of the heads of the Pelletier Clan(Member of the Alliance), turned himself in to the Sûreté du Québec, confessing that on the night of 7 August 1983, he murdered a drug dealer named Michel Beaulieu who was behind in his payments to the Pelletier Clan, and asked that the police provide him with protection from the Angels in exchange for more information about his crimes.

Ultimately, Pelletier confessed to committing 17 murders between 1983 and 1995, yet he was only convicted of the murder of Beaulieu. Pelletier's murder of Beaulieu was classified as second degree murder, despite the fact Beaulieu had fallen asleep after Pelletier got him drunk before he was shot. Since the murder was premeditated, it should have been classified as a first degree murder.

Steinert was the biggest pimp in Montreal, owning the Sensations escort service, whose office in Montreal was destroyed in a case of arson in August 1996 by the Rock Machine.

In his plea bargain struck in June 1996, Pelletier was sentenced to life imprisonment with a promise that he receive full parole after 10 years served, in exchange for which he shared all he knew about the Montreal underworld. The Crown justified the plea bargain with Pelletier, given that he was guilty of 17 murders, on the grounds he was a "mine of information" about the underworld of Montreal. Pelletier's motives for striking a plea bargain was that the "Alliance against the Angels" was collapsing with Alliance members defecting over to the Angels, and he wanted Crown protection from the Angels. However, Pelletier violated the terms of his plea bargain, under which he promised not to commit any more crimes, when he was caught in 2002 attempting to bribe another prison inmate to kill a prisoner whom he disliked, allowing the Crown to revoke its agreement and Pelletier was not released in June 2006 as was promised 10 years earlier. Pelletier finally received full parole in December 2013 after he completed his high school equivalency degree, started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and demonstrated an ability to get along with penitentiary staff.

In November 1996. The Rock Machine planted a bomb in the old Hells Angels bunker in St. Nicholas and the residential neighborhood where it was located was shaken by the immense force of the blast, the bunker received significant damage.

On 28 March 1997, Rocker member Aimé Simard — stating he was acting under the orders of the Rocker president, a man known as Gregory "Pissaro" Wooley — murdered Rock Machine member Jean-Marc Caissy as he entered a Montreal arena to play hockey with his friends.

In 1997, an imprisoned Hells Angel, Denis Houle, was the victim of an unsuccessful assassination attempt when a Rock Machine member opened fire on him from beyond the prison fence. The resulting investigation first alerted the public to the existence of the Dark Circle, and it was reported the Hells Angels would pay well for information identifying the members of the Dark Circle. Over the next two years, two members of the Dark Circle were murdered by the Angels while a third only escaped when the Angels shot and killed the wrong Serge.

As the war turned into a battle of attrition the Hell's Angels began to gain the upper hand as ever-increasing levels of support poured in from around Canada and internationally, but at the same time, the Great Nordic Biker War was taking place, and the Rock Machine was impressed with the way that the Scandinavian branches of the Bandidos held their own against the Scandinavian branches of the Hells Angels. In June 1997, the three leaders of the Rock Machine, Fred Faucher, Johnny Plescio, and Robert "Tout Tout" Léger, went to Stockholm to seek support from the Swedish branch of the Bandidos, but were expelled by the Swedish police, who declared that they did not want Canadian bikers in their country.

Faucher had gained wide attention in underworld circles by blowing up the Hells Angels clubhouse in Quebec City in February 1997 and after the Rock Machine's leader Claude "Ti-Loup" Vézina was arrested for drug smuggling, he became the Rock Machine's new leader on 11 September 1997. Faucher decided the best hope for the Rock Machine was to have the club absorbed into the Bandidos, the second-largest outlaw biker club in the world. During this period both groups started to expand into Ontario with both opening several clubhouses. The Rock Machine would open three chapters in Ontario(Toronto, Kingston and Niagara Falls) before the Hell's Angels. Not wanting to lose ground to the Rock Machine in the province Hell's Angels opened its first clubhouse and in 2000 and gave a limited time offer to outlaw motorcycle clubs in Ontario(especially Satan's Choice and the Para-dice Riders). There would be no probationary period for Hells Angels club membership and all members would receive full-patch. This resulted in 168 members of the ParaDice Riders, Satan's Choice, Lobos and Last Chance "Patching" to the Angels. Overnight the Hells Angels went from one chapter in Ontario to 12 giving them a massive advantage in the province.

On 23 August 1998, a team of Rock Machine killers consisting of Frédéric Faucher, Gerald Gallant, and Marcel Demers rode by on their motorcycles and gunned down Paolo Cotroni in his driveway. Cotroni was a member of the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta Cotroni crime family who were the rivals of the Sicilian Mafia Rizzuto crime family. Cotroni was killed partly to gain the favor of the Rizzutos and partly because he was a friend of Boucher.

On 8 September 1998, Johnny Plescio—a founding member of the Rock Machine—was at his Laval home watching television when his cable was severed. As he rose to see what was wrong with his television, 27 bullets went through Plescios's living room window, 16 of which struck him. At Plescio's funeral, a flower arrangement appeared bearing the word Bandidos, which was the first sign that the Bandidos biker gang of Texas was taking an interest in the Rock Machine.

Disaster struck the Dark Circle, when one of their number, Salvatore Brunnettii, a restaurateur, bar owner and drug dealer, defected to the Hells Angels and gave them a list of the remaining members of the Dark Circle which basically led to their collapse leaving the Rock Machine and fragmented members of the organization to face the Hell's Angels and their support clubs.

By 1999 the Rock Machine MC were seriously looking to aline itself with longtime Hells Angels rivals the Bandidos Motorcycle Club as the other factions in the Alliance had been devastated, with The Rock Machine itself receiving substantial losses. During July 1999 the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club became a prospective club of the Bandidos, during this period the Hell's Angels would approach the Alliance with the offer of a ceasefire brokered by the Rizzuto Crime Family, this was accepted. The truce had an ulterior motive for the Angels as they hoped to halt the expansion of the Bandidos in Canada, especially Ontario. The Hells Angels would also convince members of the Rock Machine who didn't agree with the "patch-over" to join them. The truce would only last for a brief period before hostilities continued.

On 17 April 2000, Normand Hamel, one of the Nomads, was killed when attempting to flee from Rock Machine assassins in a Laval parking lot while he and his wife were taking his son to the doctor. He was the most senior member of the Hell's Angels killed during the conflict. On 12 May 2000, the Angels tried to kill the two Rock Machine members, Tony Duguay and Denis Boucher, suspected of killing Hamel, leading to a wild car crash, during which Duguay took bullet wounds to his arms, right hand, and thigh. About forty police officers from the Carcajou squad raided the Rock-Machine chapter in Beauport but found nothing worthwhile, and in June 2000, The Rock-Machine set up in Ontario begins recruiting former members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Regardless of the prior issues on January 6, 2001. The Rock Machine Motorcycle Club became official members of the Bandidos Canada in a "patch-over" ceremony at the Rock Machine's Kingston chapter club house. The Bandidos Canada inherited seven new chapters. On March 28 of the same year, a massive investigation by Canadian authorities dubbed Operation Springtime was launched against the Hells Angels. The raids resulted in the arrests of 42 members of the Hells Angels including Maurice Boucher himself and many other associates connected with the motorcycle club, this brought about a power vacuum in the country's narcotics market.

The Bandidos Canada we're looking to take advantage of this opportunity to regain territory lost and take new territory from the Angel's. However a concurrent investigation, Operation Amigo was underway targeting the Bandidos Canada operations, this operation had initially gone under a different title and was created to target the Rock Machine as a result of the conflict in Quebec, when The Rock Machine patched over to the Bandidos they became the main focus. On June 5, 2002. Raids led to the arrests of 62 members of the Bandidos Canada(Rock Machine) including most of its Quebec manpower and many other associates. This put an end to the conflict as it was the first time since the start of the war that both sides had large numbers of men and their respective leaders in custody and facing charges. All in all it is the deadliest recorded biker conflict in history with over 162 dead, over 300 wounded, 100 plus arrested and 20 people missing. It also cost the government of Canada and Quebec millions of dollars in damages with 84 bombings, and 130 cases of arson.

Break from Bandidos & Revival

In 2006, an event known as the Shedden massacre occurred, the incident saw the murders of eight prominent Bandidos at a farm house in Shedden, Ontario, the Bandidos Canada closed its doors officially in October 2007. Infighting, lack of support from US and European Bandidos, and the Canadian member's(Rock Machine) suspicions about their US counterparts' involvement in the Shedden murders led to the closure.

Rock Machine was officially reopened in force around late 2007, by several disgruntled members of the now-defunct Bandidos Canada(Rock Machine) "No Surrender Crew" and former members of the Mongols MC Canada led by Sean Brown, who reorganized it as the Rock Machine Canada Nomads. The move was intended as an insult towards the Bandidos US national chapter and Bandidos national president Jeffrey Pike in particular, but gained unexpected momentum, by April of 2008 the Rock Machine had reestablished itself in several Canadian provinces and are estimated by authorities to have 300-400 members in the country. The club spread across Canada and throughout several other countries worldwide including the United States, Australia, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, France, South Africa, England, Spain, Georgia, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Kuwait, Armenia, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Turkey. As of 2022, the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club has established over 110 chapters, in 26 countries, on 5 continents since it's inception.

The Rock Machine Motorcycle Club has also been responsible for the creation of several support clubs such as The Palmers MC (1994–2002/now defunct) founded in Montreal, it was a participant in the Quebec Biker War, the SS Elite Motorcycle Club(2009–Present) a RM created support Club with rules and mentality modelled on the Waffen SS, the Hell Hounds MC(2010-2013), New Bloods MC(2014-Present), Fearless Bandits MC(2015-Present) and Vendettas Motorcycle Club(2009–Present) founded in Manitoba by the RMMC, over the years it has become an International support Club of the Rock Machine with chapters in Canada, Australia and Russia. As support clubs they are tasked with providing security and manpower, support, enforcement and logistics to any Rock Machine MC chapter. The Support club reports to the Mother chapter in Quebec but is also required to support local chapters across the country/world. For those that complete this task for the duration of the probationary period, they will receive request to become members of the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club. Most of these clubs shared the same colors, due to this the community is called the "Black and Platinum Family"

The current iteration of the Rock Machine MC maintains an enmity towards the Texas-based Bandidos, despite claims in Alex Caine's book The Fat Mexican that Rock Machine members in 2008 made a secret deal with high-ranking members of the Bandidos national chapter to re-open in Canada, As of 2021 the Bandidos have still not returned to Canadian soil. The club is a group of motorcycles enthusiasts and claim that it now dismisses members who are involved in any known crimes or criminal activity, any members that do commit crimes do so without the club's permission.


Today the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club's Mother chapter resides in Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada. All official chapters follow the rules and regulations set out by the mother chapter. With recent updates and reformats to the club's official Constitution in 2020, the rules are much more stringent, more relatable to other high-profile biker groups such as the Hells Angels.

Earning Membership and Rules

Like most other Outlaw motorcycle clubs members must own and operate a North American or British-made motorcycle with an engine of at least 1000cc, have valid insurance and “sufficient riding skills not to be a danger to themselves or others”. Members must also travel a minimum of 5,000 kilometers per year. All Chapters must follow and support Canada as the Motherland and fulfill all requests sent from Canada. “To earn their full patch membership, (a potential member) must also travel to the Mother Chapter of Quebec.”

In order to become a Rock Machine prospect in Canada rules are particularly strict, candidates must have a valid license, a motorcycle and have the right set of personal qualities. They are not allowed to use social media to post any pictures or make any comments relating to the club, they cannot contact members of any other clubs this must be left to a Full-patch member. Prospects must also leave their "old lady" at home.

After a period of trial a prospective member is first deemed to be a "hang-around", indicating that the individual is invited to some club events or to meet club members at known gathering places. If the hang-around is interested, he may be asked to become an "associate", a status that usually lasts a year. At the end of that stage, he is reclassified as "prospect", participating in some club activities, but not having voting privileges while he is evaluated for suitability as a full member. Ending in highest membership status, is "Full Membership" or "Full-Patch". Fees are typically around $100 a month, except for prisoners, whose fees are not charged.


Some of the current issues that the club faces is an inconsistency in official International and National leadership, an individual out of Germany by the name of Suat Erköse, a former police officer and former member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club who attempted to assassinate him in 2011, claimed to be the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club World President without any permission or vote from the Mother chapter. He was apparently given permission by Jean F. Emard, a man who claimed that he left the Motorcycle Club back in 2015. Emard has been mentioned several times by news agencies to be the leader of the Rock Machine but he is not recognized by its official leadership as a legitimate member(in recent years Canadian authorities have admitted they believe that he isn't even a legitimate leader of the group, "regardless of what the press might use for the headlines", and possibly "could have even been a distraction"). Suat, the self-proclaimed World president, has also been accused by the Rock Machine World community of selling club merchandise online and profiting from it. Michael Green a spokesperson for TBM Nation said

"Rock Machine MC will ALWAYS and FOREVER be on Canadian soil and Mother Country and Mother Chapter will always and forever be in CANADA.

Rock Machine MC was built by Canadians and the real and true World President today is Cory ‘Tewltime’ Coates.

Suat Erköse is NOT the World President for the Rock Machine MC - he got his "leadership" through Jean Emard, who also is one big fake RMMC, that's the true facts.

I have made this post in respect of all our real and true Canadian Rock Machine MC Brothers to show them the RESPECT they all deserve, and to all the fallen Canadian Rock Machine MC Brother's who gave their lives to keep the eagle flying.

NO ONE outside Canada can and will not ever be World President of the Rock Machine MC - Only a Canadian can and will be the TRUE and, REAL World President of the Rock Machine MC."

in 2020 the Mother Chapter released an official statement denouncing the fraudulent world president and any chapters that follow his lead, but also said that they would be more than willing to unify and consolidate with all chapters of the Rock Machine MC as long as they are willing to follow the Mother chapters rules and regulations. Just recently having had an election, a representative stated "We are now under one governing body, with an elected National President. We will not fail."

Rock Machine Motorcycle Club Mother chapter statement:

"Although we do not follow, or recognize, Suat as our world leader, we will be open to communication with all Rock Machine Chapters around the world. Public bashing, via social media or any other form of public communication, of any Rock Machine Member will cease in Canada.

Membership in Canada will only be granted by Canadian Members to those who have followed proper protocol to receive their membership. As Canada is the Mother Country, we will also grant membership to other countries who have committed to follow the Rock Machine Canada Constitution. We were founded in Canada. Quebec was and will always be the Mother Chapter.

We are brothers from many different backgrounds, united under the Eagle by our beliefs. We govern as brothers under a true democracy. We are a true brotherhood. Rock Machine Canada is united. We will stand tall; we will stand proud. We will stand until the end of time. Much respect to all brothers for their hard work, dedication to our club, and courage to rebuild the greatest club on earth."

Past members

Well-known former members of the Rock Machine included Peter Paradis, who later testified for the Crown at the trials of other members, Richard "Bam-Bam" Lagacé (deceased), Johnny Plescio (deceased), Tony Plescio (deceased), Renaud Jomphe (deceased), Frederic Faucher, Alain Brunette.

The Rock Machine was absorbed into the Bandidos motorcycle club in 2000, in a patch-over ceremony overseen by high-ranking Bandidos member Edward Winterhalder. They remained Bandidos for seven years. Many Rock Machine members at the time joined their former arch-enemy, the Hells Angels, due to the Bandidos' refusal to grant full status to junior-patched members of the Rock Machine.

Notable members who defected to the Angels included Paul Porter and Nelson Fernandes, and Bruce Doran, who founded the Kingston chapter. Fernandes died of cancer within months of becoming a Hells Angel.

Jean Paul Beaumont, a Sargent at Arms for the Rock Machine Winnipeg chapter was tragically killed in 2012.

Chapters Worldwide

Canada (19)

  • World-wide/Country-wide
    • RMMC International Nomads
    • RMMC Nomads Canada
    • RMMC Militia Nomads Chapter
  • Alberta
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    • Windsor
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  • Quebec
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    • Sherbrooke (Current Mother chapter)
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    • 13th Legion chapter (Frozen)
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    • Gatineau (Formerly Prospective)
  • Manitoba
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    • Thompson (Frozen)
  • Saskatchewan
    • Regina

International (5)

  • RMMC International Nomads(based in Canada) - Estimated to be over 300 world-wide
  • RMMC Death Squad Chapter(based in Lippstadt, Germany) - Estimated to have 25–50 world-wide
  • RMMC Militia Nomads(based in Canada) - Estimated to be 100+ world-wide
  • RMMC Infantry Nomads - Estimated to be 100+ world-wide
  • RMMC Empire Nomads Chapter
  • RMMC European Nomads Chapter (Frozen)

Other chapters (66)

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Criminal allegations and Incidents


  • Manitoba

In 2008, a series of raids carried out by Winnipeg Police and Manitoba RCMP left the Hells Angels in the province all but crippled, the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club was seeking to expand west during this period, an RCMP representative claimed the Rock Machine "graciously thanked law enforcement for handing them the province” they quickly gained momentum in Manitoba becoming the dominant club in Winnipeg, in January 2009 the Vendettas Motorcycle Club was established as a support club by the Rock Machine to give them more manpower in the province. In the early 2009, what would come to be known as the Rock Machine-Hells Angels Conflict in Manitoba began with clashes between the Rock Machine supported by the Vendettas Motorcycle Club and the Hells Angels and their support Club, the Redline MC. Several attacks on Rock Machine properties occurred with no casualties. In November 2010, Daniel Kachkan, a former high-ranking member of the Hells Angels, was shot "execution-style" inside his home, no one was ever connected with the incident, but as the Rock Machine began to retaliate the conflict reached a height over the summer months of 2011, with several brawls/assaults, shootings and fire-bombings linked to the groups, resulting in 4 dead and over 20 injured. The RM support club, the Vendettas Motorcycle Club emerged victorious over the Redline and established four chapters in Manitoba(Winnipeg, Winnipeg East, Brandon, Thompson), by the fall fighting decreased with the Rock Machine gaining the upper hand.

These events resulted in the Rock Machine sending reinforcements to consolidate the advantage they had gained, this included members of another RMMC created support club, the SS Elite Motorcycle Club(which has chapters in Ontario and Quebec). It is described by a Rock Machine spokesperson as a “strike force with rules and mentality modeled after the Waffen SS created to protect the Third Reich.” As a support club it is tasked with providing security and manpower, support, enforcement and logistics to any Rock Machine MC chapter. The SS Elite MC reports to the Mother chapter in Quebec but is also required to support local chapters across the country. For those that complete this task for the duration of the probationary period, they will receive request to become members of the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club. During this period the Rock Machine Manitoba signed an alliance with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club Manitoba chapters. In March 2012, high-ranking Rock Machine members from Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario are reported to have traveled to Montreal to meet with Quebec-based members.

The Rock Machine prospered for a four year period setting up several more chapters and support clubs such as the Hell Hounds MC and New Blood MC, a club spokesperson mentioned that they had three chapters and around 72 RMMC members in the province "not involved in crime". During this time the Rock Machine formed a legitimate company “Rock Machine Media Incorporated.” Its purpose was to weaken any police claim the RM was involved in criminal activity, a member of the RM stated “This business ... would allow RM members to claim that they are shareholders in a legitimate business and that they derive income from it ... the goal is the long term viability and sustainability of the RM for the benefit of all.” In 2013, raids conducted in 13 different locations across the province by RCMP and local police as a part of Operation Dilemma(RCMP project targeting the Rock Machine in Manitoba), resulted in the arrest of 11 Full-Patch members of the Rock Machine and a prospect from the club's Winnipeg chapter, with several associates and members of their support clubs also being arrested. This also saw the confiscation of large amounts of narcotics and firearms, this would include 116lbs of cocaine, over 8lbs of marijuana, almost 2,000 tablets of Benzylpiperazine (a synthetic drug similar to ecstasy), six firearms, ammunition, ten explosive devices including pipe bombs and C-4, and "significant" amounts of cash. These events were all possible due to a member of the Rock Machine Winnipeg chapter who accepted a $500,000 payout from the RCMP to become an informant, evidence he provided was critical in the operation. Len Isnor a member of the biker enforcement unit in Ontario stated.

“While they may temporarily disrupt the activity of the organization themselves, and certainly this was a blow to the Rock Machine, I think this is probably temporary.”

This statement proved to be correct as The Rock Machine still have a chapter and active members in the province as of 2022.

  • Quebec

Note: For crimes prior to 2007 see Quebec Biker War

The Rock Machine became active in Quebec again in 2008, 20 members of the club were sighted in a exotic dance club in downtown Montreal. In July of 2011, Ten members of the Rock Machine from several provinces Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia were arrested at Chez Pare, a famous downtown strip club. In spring of 2013, raids by the Sûreté du Québec led to the arrests of fifteen members of the Rock Machine from two separate chapters and several members of the SS Elite Motorcycle Club(a Rock Machine support club) were also arrested on narcotics charges in an operation against a large network of narcotics traffickers who operated in Montérégie. In 2014, Quebec Police arrested two members of the Rock Machine during a raid in Montreal, they seized three "cuts" displaying Rock Machine colours and patches and "significant" amounts of narcotics. In 2015, Three members of the Rock Machine were arrested in Quebec for intimidation and fraud, they had made a deal with someone to invest $60,000 in one of their businesses, after receiving it they notified the individual that his contribution had been rejected by his bank. They then showed up at the man's residence and demanded he hand over a $30,000 vehicle as well as $30,000 in cash plus a demand in interest, which he agreed to several days later the victim learned that his shares had actually been cashed by the bank and he called the police.

On June 9, 2016. Quebec Police arrested three members of the Rock Machine in raids, the 3 members including a former President faced charges related to narcotics trafficking, conspiracy and possession of prohibited weapons. The emergency response team, including armored vehicles, took part in the operation leading to the arrests. four firearms were seized, this included a "9 mm pistol, 357 revolver, 25 caliber pistol and a prohibited automatic impulse weapon" were seized during the raids. The police also found various narcotics including over 10,000 methamphetamine pills, pounds of cocaine, GHB, cannabis and "Large amounts of cash" In 2017, a former member of the Rock Machine was murdered in Montreal, Quebec. A month before his death he told his parole board "he knew his life was in danger if he continued living in Quebec". His body was found along with the body of a 38-year-old man in the Montreal suburb of Vaudreuil-Dorion in December.

On June 23, 2018. Dozens of Rock Machine members and prospects attended a "Patch-over" ceremony in Saint-Dominique for several new members in the province. The meeting was held on a fenced-in property with The Rock Machine Motorcycle Clubs flag being flown proudly. In August 2018, an inmate who had past ties to the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club was murdered by fellow inmates with assumed association to the Rock Machine, it was rumored that he was a police informant. It is estimated by Police that these recent death's of past Rock Machine members could have been an internal issue or a "clean up".

In March 2019, the Sûreté du Québec conducted a raid on a Rock Machine clubhouse in the town of Farnham, Quebec. The interior of the clubhouse was painted in the Black and Platinum the colors of the Rock Machine MC, the main room had a stage and a vertical pole dance bar, an alcohol service counter and pool tables. Le Journal noted "The logo is prominently featured on the back with the inscriptions "NO MERCY" and "ALVALM" (À la vie, à la mort, the group's motto). At the entrance of the build, a list of rules and regulations to be observed is displayed. Two members of the Rock Machine were arrested and large amounts of alcohol and narcotics were seized, along with nine Rock Machine vests and illegal firearms.

  • Ontario

In 2000 the original Rock Machine Motorcycle Club setup 3 chapters(Kingston, Toronto and Niagara Falls) in Ontario, beating the Hells Angels into the province. During this period the Rock Machine was accused by authorities of planting a bomb in front of a Georgetown, Ontario motorcycle shop, it was successfully defused by authorities after it had been inadvertently transported to Guelph, Ontario.

On April 28, 2016. An altercation occurred between a prospect of the Hells Angels and two members of the Rock Machine at an Esso gas station in Casselman, Ontario. The Hells Angels Ontario Nomads sought to find a solution to the tensions and on April 29, a group of HAMC Nomads and Red Devils, as well as associates without status, travelled to Casselman in the early evening for a meeting at the Karina's Pub, the Ontario Provincial Police observed the meeting as a part of their Project Rawson. A lead investigator for the OPP stated "a member of the Hells Angels arrived at the bar and takes off his jacket to place it on a ramp at the edge of the terrace" of the establishment. Investigator Thibodeau then said: “A“ full patch ”member who removes his colors, this is the first time I've seen that." A few minutes later three or so members of the Rock Machine arrived at Karina's Pub, moments later multiple shots are heard. Video footage filed in evidence by the Crown shows the Hells Angels Nomads running out of the dance bar. A few hours apart, Jean-François Émard and Pascal Carrier were arrested by the OPP.

In June 2016, news agencies reported that ongoing tensions between the Rock Machine and their long-time rival the Hells Angels had recommenced in Ontario. During this period the Rock Machine was dealing with a division in National leadership the Mother chapter in Quebec was not involved, an Ontario chapter based out of Casselman, Ontario led by Jean-François Émard, who the official leadership has never deemed legitimate. This faction would cause friction with the Angels in the province, well the National leadership maintained a moderate relationship. In October 2014, Émard had been charged with possession with intent to traffic methamphetamine and possession of a weapon. In 2016 as a result of the incident at Karina's Pub, he and another member of his faction were charged with "possession of loaded prohibited or restricted handgun; carrying a concealed weapon; obstruction of a peace officer; failure to comply with a probation order; discharging of a firearm; causing public endangerment and knowledge of unauthorized possession of a firearm."

In March 2018, former Rock Machine-faction leader, Emard received a 33-month sentence after he was convicted of having possessed a firearm and narcotics while wearing Rock Machine "cut". The sentence included a 30-month sentence he received later, on May 2, 2018, he was found guilty of having committed an act of indecent exposure by having intercourse on the hood of a vehicle parked on the side of a public roadway. In May 2019, he received eligibility for parole however the Penitentiary Correctional Service Canada was advised by police that they "believed his life was in danger. No halfway house was willing to take the risk of having Emard as a resident" as a result parole was suspended, before parole board members, Jean-François Émard declared that the Rock Machine, his former club, had become "a shame" to him, that he was not on friendly terms with them. At the next hearing in July 2019, the ex-biker said he knew where the threats were coming from but dismissed them. Emard was eventually released in February 2020, with a court order that he wear a GPS tracking bracelet. In May 2020, his bracelet revealed he had travelled 50 kilometres outside of the area he was limited to be within, so he was returned to custody, upon his return to prison he was assaulted by other inmates with assumed association to the Rock Machine. The injuries he received were severe enough that it required him to be transferred to an off-site hospital.


The first Rock Machine chapter in Australia was established in the Perth suburb of Myaree in 2009 by then Rock Machine MC Canada leader, Critical J. The defection of Rebels MC members to the Rock Machine MC sparked an ongoing violent feud between the groups, when the Rock Machine settled in Perth in 2009 there was allegations by media that a turf war broke out between the two rival motorcycle clubs, with exchanges between the two groups including firebombings, assaults and the assassination attempt in 2011 of Rebels WA president Nick Martin, who survived being shot.

In 2012, The Rock Machine opened their second chapter in Perth, City Crew Perth or South Perth chapter after several members of the Finks Motorcycle Club defected to the Rock Machine MC. The Finks also had an ongoing rivalry with the Rebels Motorcycle Club. Also in 2012, Members of a Rock Machine chapter in New South Wales had reported links to Serbian organised crime group and used that influence to patch over members of the Comanchero in 2012, causing tension with existing Sydney Comanchero. One of those Rock Machine members to patch over, Faalau Pisu, was shot dead at a wedding in south-west Sydney on November 5.

The club received negative publicity when an associate Stefan Pahia Schmidt was charged with murder after throwing a pub patron through a window with a seven-metre fall(two stories). It is alleged that Schmidt was present with other Rock Machine members when the victim spoke with two women from the Rock Machine group. A second chapter was also formed in South-East Australia and another in North-East Australia giving the Rock Machine its ninth and tenth chapters in the country. The RMMC Adelaide chapter President was arrested in Adelaide at the 2019 Royal Adelaide Show.

In March 2021, two members of the Rock Machine's Perth South chapter were charged in the drive-by shooting at a Port Kennedy house belonging to a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. Tensions between the club at this point escalated into conflict, in May the Mongols would put out a contract on one of the members of the Rock Machine involved in the drive-by shooting of the Mongol residents. over the next couple months authorities would arrest several more members of the Rock Machine's South Perth chapter, in total arresting 11 of the chapters 23 members.

In February 2022. A member of the Rock Machine was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics and trafficking, Australian authorities seized $64,000 in methamphetamine.


The Rock Machine arrived in Germany in 2009 with its Nomads, multiple local German motorcycle clubs agreed to become probationary chapters of the RMMC. By late 2010, 60-plus members had been patched in to create four new chapters in the country. As of 2020, membership in Germany is estimated to be over 300 total between the two factions. In May 2011 Suat Erköse applied to join the club, at the same time issues between the Rock Machine and the Bandidos Germany erupted in the city of Neu-Ulm where both clubs had chapters. Tensions were growing between the groups over the control of the lucrative Red light district in Ulm, the violence began when a brawl occurred in a strip club between the two Motorcycle Clubs. This led to an attack on a residence associated with the Rock Machine, two members of the Bandidos were arrested for these actions. The Rock Machine then retaliated by fire bombing a Bandidos-owned business in early 2012, this, in turn, resulted in one of their establishments being set ablaze a week later.

In December 2012, a shootout occurred in the industrial sector of Ulm. Three Full-Patch members of the Rock Machine met with three men from the red light district and private security industry for a "debate" - due to a bomb threat against a business. A physical altercation occurred, then a Rock Machine member drew his pistol and fired multiple shots. A 31-year-old security contractor was fatally shot and a 41-year-old man who worked in the brothel scene was seriously injured. Two members of the Rock Machine MC were arrested.

  • Division of Rock Machine MC Germany

At some point between the end of 2012-early 2013, there was a divide in the Rock Machine MC Germany. Assumingly when the WolfSSChanze Chapter was formed by Suat Erköse and he attempted to claim World Presidency without the permission of the Canadian Mother chapter, the Rock Machine MC Germany website “” released a statement saying that Erköse and Digge had been removed the group in bad standing because of "behavior that was harmful to the club", which Suat would make a response statement on an interview with BN. During this period a faction formed by the B. brothers renounced Suat and founded the Blue Rock Machine MC which had 4 chapters in the split, it remained aligned with official International leadership. Following these events, the two groups began to insult each other in interviews and over the internet. Suat's faction released a statement denouncing the Blue RM as "fakes" and "traitor's", while the Blue Rockmachine insults its former boss Suat E. as a “police friend”, “coward” and “wannabe”.

Suats faction spoke with BN news:

"Of course the internet lies. The Digge was with Michel in our South West Chapter. Both were members and had decided to open their own and another chapter in the southwest called Southend. We want to grow, and because the two of them had enough good people for a new chapter, I, as President of Europe, approved their plans. The chapter president from there, however, took a stand. I then had an intense conversation with him, but he was unapologetic and we kicked him out of the Rock Machine MC. There is simply a need for clarification, as the story with the homepage shows. Another reason is that someone we threw out of the club wants to do his own thing under the name "Rock Machine" by falsifying our logo: He simply turned the red eye in the eagle into a blue one. Something like that doesn't work and is pure provocation. People call me and ask: Who is the right Rock Machine MC? Again I can say: I represent the club in Germany and our logo remains as it was in the original. That they "copy, imitate, falsify the club emblem - we do not tolerate any of this.

The Blue Rock Machine retaliated with this statement to journalists:

"Suat Erköse is by no means the founder of the Rockmachine MC in Europe.! When we drove under RM Farben in southern Baden, this Erköse Suat didn't even know the Rockmachine MC! In 2011, Erköse applied for admission to the RM MC, but unfortunately, this application was approved. Now Erköse was a member of the RM MC. Erköse had kept quiet about the fact that he is an ex-police officer and is also in bad standing at the Bandidos MC. When the Rockmachine MC was attacked by another MC, Erköse searched the distance and fearfully hid in his apartment. Erköse had this Seek and Destroy Patch (award for bravery) made by himself, without the club's knowledge. As a coward that he is, he would never have received this patch from the club. Erköse sees the MC as a source of income and has always used the club's treasury to improve his miserable Hartz 4 life. You also do not see this Internet "rocker" on the street, this is not surprising as he does not have a valid driver's license. His alleged chapters abroad are also a fake. These "tough 1% men" around this Suat were asked to hand over an RM T shirt, whereupon this Suat Erköse group - criminal charges with the police for theft of a T shirt."

Rock Machine Germany civil conflict

Violence would erupt between these two factions in April 2015 a brawl occurred between the two groups and multiple people were injured. In May 2015, a brothel belonging to the Blue Rock Machine was shot at, in June of the same year a bomb was exploded outside of their marijuana paraphernalia shop, they retaliated by burning down a car dealership belonging to the opposition a few days later, a business associated with the United Tribuns was also bombed.


In October 2017, raids conducted by Norwegian Police resulted in the arrest of several Full-Patch members of The Rock Machine MC Norway on charges of distribution of narcotics and firearms, illegal possession of firearms and murder, for killing a prospective member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club Norway. They seized over 30 kilos of hash.

On August 5, 2018. The President of the No Surrender MC chapter in Jessheim, Norway was assaulted by several members of the Rock Machine at a local business. Later that day it was announced by Norwegian media that a massive brawl had occurred between members of the Rock Machine and the No Surrender Motorcycle Club, some members of the Rock Machine had Patched-over to the No Surrender after the Police raid in 2017, causing tensions. The brawl resulted in several injuries on both sides


The Rock Machine Motorcycle Club arrived in Sweden in the early 2010s with its Nomads, the club quickly grew in influence with 4 chapters and began stepping on the toes of other clubs in the area. A feud began between the Rock Machine and the Bandidos Sweden after it was rumored that some of their members had patched over to the Rock Machine. These events resulted in the Bandidos attempting to assassinate the Rock Machine Sweden President, he would survive the attempt and two members of the Bandidos would be arrested and charged for attempted murder. In Kristianstad in the spring of 2012, an associate of the Rock Machine was shot while walking home from a store, He was severely injured but survived.

In 2014 Swedish Police gained a warrant to evict The Rock Machine Klippan chapter from their clubhouse. This was due to five individual members of the club being charged with narcotics crimes over prior years. The eviction occurred peacefully and the chapter relocated to a new clubhouse in the area.

United Kingdom (England)

In 2013, English authorities reported that members of the Canadian-based Rock Machine Motorcycle Club had arrived in the country, an anonymous report told police that a group had transported assault rifles and hand grenades with it, as well as several other motorcycle groups. As a result, the United Kingdom was put on alert by Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, which says "the arrival of the Rock Machine and Loners MC from Canada, the Comancheros MC and Rebels MC from Australia, plus the Mongols and the Vagos from the US has sparked tensions with established biker gangs". United Kingdom Police announced that they were making preparations for clashes between rival groups and also stated "the Motorcycle Clubs are recruiting far-right militants, football hooligans and members from ex-military circles as they look for control of drug, gun and human trafficking routes". The Rock machine has since set up two known chapters in England and has remained out of headlines.

United States

In 2017, it was announced that Rock Machine patches were being fraudulently sold in the United States by self-proclaimed Rock Machine World President Suat Erköse. In exchange for the $300, the individuals would receive a patch and inclusion into the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club, this came along with accusations in the motorcycle community of the Rock Machine becoming an "internet club". But once paid, the patches were never sent to recipients. Suat denies these accusations.

The legitimate Rock Machine Motorcycle Club established itself in the United States during 2010, with permission and guidance from then Canadian Rock Machine leader Critical J. The US RMMC Nomads were formed and began recruiting veteran ex-members of Vagos MC, Mongols, Hells Angels and the Ching-a-Ling Motorcycle Clubs. They also had chapters from Avengers MC, Kingsmen MC, Sadistic Souls MC and Wrecking Crew becoming probationary chapters for the beginning of the Rock Machine United States, which as of 2021 has 8 chapters.

When asked about the situation a former longtime member of the Rock Machine USA said:

"It wasn’t like that for us, We were doing background checks on potential members. At first, we were bringing in guys that wanted to leave their 1% nation to join us. We had ex Vagos, Mongols, Hells Angels, Chingalings, To name a few. We would let in members of 1% Support as Probationary. We had guys from the Avengers, Kingsmen, Sadistic Souls, Wrecking Crew, all over from Florida up to Connecticut. We didn’t want fresh guys to start or weekenders. We needed guys who would fight because we realized we would have to. Everyone can say they will make a stand but to actually do so is something else. We soon after began prospecting people who wanted to come around in the states where chapters were started. It did cost $400, as with any club you join it costs money, and this was to pay for a background check and your patch set".

The fraudulent scam did lead to friction between Suat's faction and the genuine Rock Machine MC USA, after he attempted to form a chapter in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Yes. He attempted to open a Las Vegas chapter with Two guys in Nevada. We promptly handled that situation. Suat finally agreed to knock it off as long as we didn’t publicly talk shit about him. He was hoping we would embrace his bullshit world (Facebook) chapter."

A later interview with a current member, former President of the club in the USA and current Rock Machine USA spokesperson, cleared up the situation, and when asked about the selling of patches online he stated:

"Suat was a thorn in our side for months here in the USA, when we first attempted to start the club here we were pulled in many directions. The different factions all pointed us in a different direction. We spoke with the club in Canada and we did speak with Suat, we also spoke with the members out of Australia who were sponsored by Canada. The Mother Chapter out of Canada agreed to allow us to open through Australia. We started with 5 guys as a probationary chapter, before eventually we spread throughout the East coast. This obviously created animosity with Suat.

We had a few situations where we turned guys away(from the Rock Machine) and they contacted Suat in an attempt to open chapters through him. Two of the three original members were very active with social media and immediately fed into the Suat bashing online. Since those members removal from the club we have reached out to Suat and did broker a deal that we would not feed into this internet bullshit, nor would we publicly bash him as long as he agreed not to recruit in the United States. Whatever anyone says bad about the man, he has kept his word with us and we do keep an open line of communication with him to this day for diplomatic reasons.

Any issues he has or we have are easily handled with a phone call. We are aware of the horror stories with people from the United States sending money to Suat for patches and never receiving them. I personally have never seen actual proof of this and probably wouldn’t entertain anyone’s complaints. If you are stupid enough to think you can join a 1% club through the mail you deserve to lose your money! We have 8 active charters in the United States and anyone is welcome to knock on our door and state their intentions. No one in this country will fly a Rock Machine patch without coming in the correct way."

The journalist then asked about the proper process in which someone becomes a member of the legitimate Rock Machine USA and if it was similar to the process north of the border in Canada, the RMMC United States spokesperson responded with:

"Despite what is said about the club through the internet we run a tight ship. Everyone from the Nomads to the hangarounds throughout the country knows each other on a first name basis, we know each other’s families through meetings, extensive background checks are done, everyone comes in as a hang around, prospect or probationary and no one person makes the decision as to who joins. It starts with a hang around period and application that’s sent to the nationals, upon approval the membership fee is then sent to nationals and only after that can someone prospect or come in probationary. Probationary is only used when starting new chapters or for members who have come from established crews and clubs."

Issues with the Iron Order

In late 2017. The "Iron Order Truth Crew” part of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club obtained the Rock Machine USA club website information from a beleaguered former member and changed things in attempt to hurt the reputation of the Rock Machine.

The Rock Machine leadership in the United States released a statement, declaring that the "Iron Order Truth Crew page" was influenced by law enforcement. This has been a common criticism about the Iron Order in the motorcycle community. Initially it was believed that the website had been hacked and then sold to the Iron Order, this turned out to be incorrect however, when it was found that one of their own former members that was out in bad standing had given them the information, there was also rumors of information being leaked to law enforcement by the Truth Crew. A spokesperson for the Rock Machine USA stated:

“It was a combination of him(former member) and a wife of another member from New York. She recently fabricated paperwork on another one of our guys. It’s been ridiculous. The problem with the Iron Order Truth Crew site is we know for a fact that they are in bed with law enforcement. One of the pictures they use against us was taken by the task force while everyone was standing in front of the clubhouse. There is no way anyone should have a copy of that picture”.