Red Devils Motorcycle Club

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Red Devils Motorcycle Club (RDMC) are an outlaw motorcycle club and the principal support club for the Hells Angels. The club is not to be confused with the now-defunct Original Red Devils Motorcycle Club that was founded in Canada in the late 1940s.

With chapters in nearly 20 countries, the Red Devils MC have been involved in numerous disputes with law enforcement and rival one-percenter motorcycle groups.


The Red Devils MC were initially founded in Karlstad, Sweden in 2001. A chapter emerged the following year in the United States in Massachusetts. A Red Devils chapter would then go on to be established in Belgium in 2003, and later, expand into other countries.

Criminal allegations and incidents

United States

Larry 'Ronnie' Capps Jr. - the Cape Fear Chapter President of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club in North Carolina was arrested on drug and weapons charges in 2010 following a raid of the chapter clubhouse where authorities seized 50 firearms, more than $3,000, and an ounce of cocaine worth about $1,200. Capps was charged with six counts of trafficking cocaine, five counts of manufacturing cocaine, and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction for a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun.

In June 2012, nineteen members and Hells Angels associates, some of which were members of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club, were arrested in a law enforcement sting operation for drug and prostitution charges.

Multiple Massachusetts Hells Angels and Red Devils bikers were arrested in March 2013 during raids at their hangouts in Lynn and Byfield on charges of kidnapping, mayhem, and extortion.


The Red Devils Motorcycle Club currently has 10 chapters in Canada. As part of an investigation into outlaw motorcycle club activities in New Brunswick, Canada, two members of the Red Devils MC - along with two Hells Angels members - were arrested in April 2020 by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in relation to organized crime, drugs and money laundering.

Matthew Quattrociocchi, a member of the Red Devils MC was charged with assault and possession of a weapon in June 2020 after he had beat a member of the rival Outlaws Motorcycle Club with a baseball bat in broad daylight near a St. Catharines convenience store in the Niagara region. The incident was caught on video via security camera footage.


A shooting attack on Red Devils MC member Daniel Pegoraro occurred in 2013. Pegoraro sustained injuries but survived the attack. It is speculated that the ambush had to do with an ongoing dispute between the Hells Angels and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

The Melbourne chapter Red Devils clubhouse was raided by police in 2015 after a number of bullets were fired at their Clayton South clubhouse. Members of the gang ended up being charged with liquor licensing breaches and firearms offenses.