Ranjit Cheema

Victims Unknown
Ranjit Singh Cheema
Died 2 May 2012
Known for Drug trader, cocaine trafficking
Criminal penalty Unknown


Ranjit Singh Cheema was a Vancouver-based Canadian gangster and drug trader. He was involved in organized crime for over two-decades in Vancouver and also in cocaine trafficking.


He was killed on 2 May 2012 in a targeted drive-by shooting, just three months after being released from prison for the attempted sale of 200 kilograms of heroin. According to Crime Journalist Kim Bolan and her police sources, "Since returning from a California prison three months ago, longtime Vancouver gangster Ranjit Singh Cheema had been trying to muscle his way back into the lucrative B.C. drug trade before he was gunned down Wednesday. In the process, Cheema disrespected some of his former underlings who have moved up in the business since the 43-year-old went to jail. Some close to Cheema, as well as police sources, believe recent disputes with old associates could have led to the gangland execution of the former south slope crime boss in front of his parents’ house on East 61st Avenue. "He was trying to step into his old role," one friend said. "He didn't realize that things have changed."