Puente 13

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Puente 13 (P13) is a street gang in La Puente, California. They are Sureños. They are described as Mafia related or Mexican mafia related. They were formed c. 1953 as the Bridgetown Gentlemen (puente is Spanish "bridge"), or "Old Town Puente". Then they dropped the "Old Town", later adding the "-13" that signifies allegiance to the Mexican Mafia.[better source needed] In 2010 the gang had 3,000 documented members. The gang is known for its violent criminal activities, drug smuggling and illicit contributions to the Mexican Mafia. Its rivals include everyone around their territory who attempts to enter.


Puente 13 claims the entire city and is one of the largest gangs in the San Gabriel Valley. With several hundred documented members in 2004, they were the most active in the SGV.[failed verification]


Puente 13 is well known for its cliques. There are 16 cliques being Little Happy Homes, Perth Street, Rama Street, Hurley Street, Blackwood St, Ballista Street, East Side Puente, Dial Boulevard, Duff Street and Cadbrook St, Northam St, Tinflanes,The Puente 13 cliques are notorious for not getting along with each other. The most disliked clique is Blackwood st, they are known for shooting kids and females.


Notable events

2013: Two carnals (leaders) of the gang taken down.

2018: 17 people were indicted on identity theft charges and charges relating to supplying methamphetamine, including to the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, after an investigation into the gang led by the DEA and the USSS.