October 2020 Afghanistan attacks

Deaths 253
Location Afghanistan
Injured 339
Date October 2020
Criminal penalty Unknown


The October 2020 Afghanistan attacks were multiple attacks launched by insurgents including the Taliban and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Khorasan Province in October 2020. The attacks left at least 243 people dead and 339 injured. 10 perpetrators were also killed in these attacks.

Timeline of attacks

Date Location Dead Injured Details
1 Grishk District, Helmand Province 9 (+1) 4 A suicide bombing left at least nine people including four civilians dead in a late-night attack in Grishk District in Helmand Province. A small child and three security personnel were wounded.
3 Shinwar District, Nangarhar Province 15 30 A car bombing kills at least 15 people and another 30 were injured. The attack occurred in Shinwar District, Nangarhar Province.
5 Laghman Province 8 (+1) 38 A suicide bombing kills at least 8 people and another 38 were injured in Laghman Province.
7 Tagab District, Kapisa Province 3 0 A bomb kills at least 3 people in Tagab District, Kapisa Province.
8 Imam Sahib District, Kunduz Province 6 6 Taliban kills 6 security forces and another 6 were injured in Imam Sahib District, Kunduz Province.
9 Aliabad District, Kunduz Province 8 7 Taliban kills 4 Afghan soldiers and 4 police in Aliabad District, Kunduz Province. 5 soldiers and two police were also injured in the attack.
9 Helmand Province 3 3 In Helmand Province Taliban kills at least 3 security forces and another 3 were injured.
10 Grishk District, Helmand Province 5 9 A bomb kills at least 5 people and another 9 were injured in Grishk District, Helmand Province.
10 Shindand District, Herat Province 2 10 A bus hit a bomb. The attack left 2 people dead and 10 others were injured in Shindand District, Herat Province.
11 Sar-e Pol Province 13 3 At least 13 people including 10 Afghan soldiers were killed and another 3 people were injured in roadside bombing in Sar-e Pol Province.
14 Kushki Kuhna District, Herat Province 5 13 A roadside bomb kills at least 5 people and another 13 were injured in Kesh-e-Kohna district.
14 Asmar, Kunar Province 5 0 At least 5 people were killed by a bomb in Asmar district.
14 Mihtarlam, Laghman Province 3 7 A bomb kills at least 3 people and another 7 were injured in Mehtarlam, Laghman Province.
18 Sahib District, Kunduz Province 8 0 Taliban kills at least 8 security forces in Sahib District, Kunduz Province.
18 Chaghcharan, Ghor Province 12 100 A car bombing attack kills 12 people and another 100 were injured in Chaghcharan, Ghor Province.
20 Zazi Maidan District, Khost Province 2 2 The governor of Zazi Maidan District and a bodyguard was shot dead and another 2 were injured in eastern Khost Province.
20 Jalrez District, Maidan Wardak Province 5 9 At least 5 people were killed and 9 were injured after two bombing attacks. The attacks occurred in Jalrez District, Maidan Wardak Province.
20 Kang District, Nimruz Province 12 0 At least 12 police were killed after two bombs exploded in Kang District, Nimruz Province.
21 Baharak District, Takhar Province 47 3 Taliban kills at least 47 police and injured 3 others in Baharak District, Takhar Province.
22 Shareen Tagab District, Faryab Province 4 10 Taliban attack Shareen Tagab District, Faryab Province with mortar. The attack left at leas 4 people dead and another 10 were injured.
23 Khash Rod District, Nimroz Province 20 0 Taliban kills at least 20 Afghan soldiers. The attack occurred in Khash Rod District, Nimroz Province.
24 Nimruz Province 6 2 Taliban kills at least 6 security forces and injured 2 others in Nimruz Province.
24 Ghazni, Ghazni District, Ghazni Province 9 1 At least 9 people were killed and another were injured after two bomb exploded in Ghazni, Ghazni District, Ghazni Province.
24 Kabul, Kabul Province 30 (+1) 70 A suicide bombing kills at least 30 people and another 70 were injured outside an educational center in Kabul, Kabul Province. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Khorasan Province claimed responsibility for the attack.
26 Kabul, Kabul Province 0 3 At least 3 people were injured in a magnetic mine explosion in Kabul.
27 Kabul, Kabul Province 3 10 A blast by a magnetic mine left at least 3 people dead in Kabul.
27 Khost, Khost Province 0 (+7) 0 Shooting and car bombings attacks occurred in Khost city. At least 7 perpetrators were killed by the security forces.