Victims Unknown
Died August 8, 2016
Known for Unknown
Criminal penalty Unknown


Mohammed Nayeemuddin (died August 8, 2016), commonly known as Nayeem, was a naxal leader and alleged criminal. He first gained prominence in 1993 due to his alleged involvement killing of Indian Police Service officer K. S. Vyas. He and his brother played an important role in killing Belli Lalitha in 1999. He was a resident of Bhongir located in Nalgonda district on the border of Hyderabad.

Nayeem was a leader of Maoist squad which was previously known as "naxalites of People's War". Later, he surrendered to the police. Civil rights activists[who?] claim that after his surrender, Nayeem served as an informer to the police and helped in the elimination of many naxalites and their sympathisers.[when?] Police deny this claim.

Nayeem died in a gun battle with police in 2016.

Chief minister of Telangana, K. Chandrasekhar Rao informed the Telangana Legislative Assembly in December 2016 that, after the death of Nayeemuddin, police arrested 124, registered 174 cases, and seized weapons and properties worth over 100 crore (equivalent to 122 crore or US$16 million in 2020). Rao further added that the involvement of Nayeem's gang was established in 27 murder cases and its involvement was suspected in another 25 murder cases.