Black Pistons Motorcycle Club

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Black Pistons Motorcycle Club is the official support club for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, another group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Established in Neuwied, Germany October 2001 with the idea generating from the Koblenz Outlaws, the Black Pistons have expanded rapidly throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. The Black Pistons have an estimated 70 domestic chapters in 20 US states and an unknown number of international chapters in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Ireland, Philippines, Japan and Poland. The exact number of Black Pistons members is unknown but the figure is estimated to be more than 400 in the U.S. The Outlaws use the Black Pistons chapters as a recruitment source for prospective Outlaws members

United States

March 5th of 2002 a club called Satan's Syndicate of Columbus, Ohio became the first Black Pistons MC in the U.S. The Columbus chapter still to this day has several of the original members. Several of the original members have also stepped up to become Outlaws.

Soon after the patch over of Satan's Syndicate a second Black Pistons chapter opened in Ocala, Florida.

There are over 70 chapters throughout the United States.

United Kingdom

In 2003 in Great Britain a club called The Brotherhood (Birmingham) patched over to become Britain's first Black Pistons chapter on the 17 February 2003. They were rapidly followed by chapters in London and around the country. Most Outlaw chapters had an associated Black Pistons support club. Over the next three or four years many of the Black Piston members stepped up to become Outlaws and because of the lack of recruitment the numbers declined until, in 2007, there were only three members left in the Cotswolds Chapter. This situation persisted until 2009, when the remaining members set about rebuilding the club. Chapters started up all over England, Wales and Scotland, with an explosion of members and today there are many chapters across Great Britain.