Abu Yasser al-Issawi

Victims Unknown
Born 1978 (1978) Fallujah, Iraq
Died (aged 43) Al-Chai Valley, Kirkuk, Iraq
Known for Unknown
Criminal penalty Unknown


Abu Yasser al-Issawi (Arabic: أبو ياسر العيساوي; born Jabbar Salman Saleh Ali Al-Issawi, Arabic: جابر سلمان صالح علي العيساوي, 1978 – 28 January 2021) was a senior ISIS commander and Iraqi terrorist with the title of deputy caliph, and leader of the ISIS group in Iraq. He was killed in a military strike by Iraqi security forces in Al-Chai Valley, southern Kirkuk. The successful military strike and his death was announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi after an intelligence-led operation.

However, The New York Times reported that al-Issawi, who was 43 years old and originally from Fallujah, died from an American airstrike, days after the Baghdad bombings.