2 and 5 September 2019 Kabul bombings

Deaths 16 (2 September) 12 (5 September) Total: 28
Location Kabul, Afghanistan
Injured 119 (2 September) 40+ (5 September) Total: 159+
Date 2 September 2019 (first attack) 5 September 2019 (second attack)
Criminal penalty Unknown


On the evening of 2 September 2019, a bomb on a tractor killed 16 people and injured 119 others at a housing compound used by international organisations in Kabul, Afghanistan. The target of the attack was foreign citizens living in the town; five Nepalis, two Britons and a 43-year-old Romanian diplomat were killed in the attack. Twenty-five other foreign residents were wounded, including another Romanian.

On 5 September 2019, at least 12 people, including an American service member and a Romanian soldier, were killed and more than 40 injured when a suicide car bomber exploded in a heavily fortified area of central Kabul, close to the Afghan security offices. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks.